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Dancer's Life

"constantly following breadcrumbs to that gingerbread theater's stage"

5/10/06 01:17 am - About to Break

beautifully undone by lindy-->me likey this song

is it bad if this week is overshadowed with how much work and crap i need to do before friday that I'm forgetting about prom?

jeez this headache, i need a skip day; geez

3/20/06 06:44 am - randomly

What your tears say (anime)

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3/19/06 05:57 pm - Umm this week

exhausted as mess--> i need to take those vitamins and stop being dumb b4 i fall out at practice

levi's house is huge and it was a very interesting/funny night

i got into UNC:Greensboro (which is the part of UNC with the preveterinary program and dance)i feel sweet cuz tons apply to UNC and not many get into the school-->yay!!

so im in a college one less worry off my back

2/1/06 01:10 am - Yea Im 18

well I definitely just woke up from a nap I began maybe around 8ish 9ish. but i like my b-day. I like hugs. I got symbolic gifts (not like the creepy one in othello but sweet ones) & flowers. I think thats the first time Ive ever been given flowers romantically ever. I remember giving flowers for the first time last year to johnny on valentine's day. I think Im beginning to babble. Its late. I like being 18 more complete feeling age. But toodles. sleepi time again

closing time every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end

6/18/05 04:36 am - My First Real Day of Summer

Today is my first real day of summer So i thought I'd update.

Not much to say just that I watched the "Girl Next Door"

that movie is the stuff

And I like the idea of how you can do something not exactly politically correct and still achieve something worthwild and actually good/beneficial

6/12/05 01:38 pm - My Bro's Birthday

well umm today was my bro's birthday hes 22, June 12 and all that

i was allowed 2 play with fire
the fire alarms went off
almost burned the card
the cake after my brother blew the candles out proceeded to fall out of mom's hands
my nephew attacking the fallen cake
the snoopy red ballon out of the two snoopy ballons on its way to the house, flew out of the window

i think today has been a full day, and yet i still have to study for exams oo joy

6/4/05 05:11 pm - forgot this whoops

i wrote this last friday while watching my neighborhood at sunset
i forgot to put this in my update
cuz i feel like it

The offset of sunset

The systematic conversations of the aerial beings
The last laughs of the children playing in the common area
The end of the facade of the psuedo-perfection valley
The sleep for image of surburbia
And reality awakens
And the arguments of parents begin
And the violence among the family ensues
And the suicidal actions of the youth occur
All in the offset of sunset
The glaze on the impressionist work fades
And all is revealed

6/4/05 03:29 pm - Oldd Movie Obsession + some semi update

i guess i need 2 update. i havent in awhile. so to update on whats free in my heart and mind. hmm where 2 start.

Should headaches last longer than one week?


from the movie Ransom: "They do not have to trust me, I have to trust them."

that movie was good. i like how he won [and by won i mean got his son back alive unharmed from the kidnappers] by acting rationally rather than acting for his image and the accepted actions.

When an irresistible force such as you
Meets and old immovable object like me
You can bet as sure as you live
Something's gotta give, something's gotta give,
Something's gotta give.

When an irrepressible smile such as yours
Warms an old implacable heart such as mine
Don't say no because I insist.
Somewhere, somehow,
Someone's gonna be kissed.

So en garde who knows what the fates have in store
From their vast mysterious sky?
I'll try hard ignoring those lips I adore
But how long can anyone try?

Fight, fight, fight, fight, fight it with all of our might,
Chances are some heavenly star spangled night
We'll find out as sure as we live
Something's gotta give, something's gotta give,
Something's gotta give.

from the movie (1956 i think) Daddy Long Legs by writer John Mercer performed by Fred Astaire

weird yet humourous in a non happy way how this song fits but not in the way it was originally intended

but back 2 a work here and there and Season One of Angel, im glad my mom also has that addiction

(+ i wonder how long a person can last trying to umm please those who she cares for when it conflicts with pleasing other friends and hmmm nvm)

5/12/05 09:32 pm - Update time yea yea!

Did mr. o bryan say boodism?

*yana still in state of shock that he used a johnny late reaction time yana move*

i love my wise goth and my russian assassin!

woot random quiz

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5/10/05 10:07 pm - Random QUizzes

WHY DID IT HAVE TO ASK ABOUTS BOOKS!!!!! im a book nut/ ANIMALS VS. HAPPINESS hmm damn animals are happiness WOOT!!! world is complete officially; luckily didnt change the result as i tested

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can probably handle some kind of weapon.You
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^_^and once a fighter always a fighter.

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Rebellious when restricted

Determined to reach goals

Superstitious and ludicrous

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